In a land where only a few can live in the light, one young girl may be the key to bringing the entire world out of the darkness.


Without knowing the secret prophecies that have altered her destiny, ten-year-old Lily will have to leave the safety of her home in Lightsreach on a journey that will alter the course of the future. But when she and her mysterious travelling companion are waylaid along the way, things quickly spiral out of control.

Suddenly, this young girl is the epicenter of a revolution that had been brewing within an ancient, lost civilization for thousands of years. Lily is the key to restoring peace and balance in a world torn asunder when it long ago lost the light.


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When darkness falls from the spire of light, the Lightgiver shall pass over the tides. The righteous will fall from the heights in the sky, and the wicked with them shall die. 


                                                                                                       The Song of the Dragonqueen